Business English used in printed media and pecularities of its translation from English to Romanian

Introduction. 3     Chapter I. General concepts on print media and Business English. 7  1.1. The origin, concept and characteristics of print media. 7  1.2. Introduction to Business English. Definition and Its Main Characteristics. 11  1.2.1. Definition. 12  1.2.2. Informative text 14  1.2.3. Linguistic and extra linguistic pecularities 15     Chapter II. The peculiarities of translating Business English from printed media into Romanian. 22  2.1. The reflection of Business English on Romanian language. 22  2.2. The peculiarities of translating English business vocabulary in Romanian Mass Media. 35     Conclusions 45  Bibliography. 48  Glossary. 51  Rezumat 53  Anexx  55

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