Introduction. 3     Chapter I. General interpretation of scientific publications referring to proverbs’ etymology. 9  1.1 The definition of proverb. 9  1.2. The origin and value of proverbs. 20  1.3. Types  and structure of proverbs. 29  1.4. Analysis of existing  proverbs. 34     Chapter II.  Proverbs dealing with personality maturity throughout the aging process and their translation into Romanian. 46  2.1. The usage of proverbs describing human character and personality (Proverb Interpretation Changes in Aging) 46  2.2. Theoretical preliminaries on translating proverbs into Romanian. 58  2.3. Examples of Proverbs and Sayings about aging and their equivalents in English and Romanian. 62  2.4. The study of the research material 72     Conclusion. 81  Bibliography. 85  Annex. 91

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